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sealed concrete


Cleaning and Sealing your Concrete Driveway


Concrete sealers are applied to concrete to protect  from the elements and its damaging effects.  Aesthetically, there is no question that sealed concerete looks better than un-sealed concrete.  However, concrete is a very porous material, suseptible to all kinds of staining.  Oil, grease, rust, and organic stains are very difficult to remove from unsealed concrete because they are easily absorbed.  Concrete sealering will prevent the absorbtion of stains by either blocking the pores of the concrete or form an impermeable layer or coating.

 Concrete Damage

Research from major concrete authorities, including American Concrete Institute, Portland Cement Association, and National Ready Mix Concrete Association; confirm that most concrete damage is attributable to surface moisture intrusion. The most frequent type of concrete damage is surface spalling from freeze and thaw.

At Paver Restoration we utilize two main sealer categories: topical sealers (coatings) and penetrating sealers (reactive) to protect your concrete from spalling and staining..

Topical Sealers: Topical Sealers can provide visual enhancement as well as topical protection from stains.  Life span is generally 1-5 years.

Penetrating Sealers: Penetrating sealers bond within the concrete blocking surface moisture. Penetrating sealers generally do not significantly modify substrate appearance or traction. Lifespan is generally 5 years or more.


Power Washing a concrete driveway

Power Washing a concrete driveway in preparation for sealer.

We match our cleaners to your stains.

  • Preparation for sealer.
  • Remove mildew and dirt.
  • Keep your driveway looking new.
sealer vs no-sealer

Penetrating Sealer vs No-Sealer- the left side of this close-up photo is not sealed, water is able to absorb into the concrete.  The right side is sealed with a concrete penetrating sealer, the water beads up like a freshly waxed car.

  • Protect your investment.
  • Reduce staining.
  • Don't allow water or chemicals to soak into your concrete.