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Patio, walkways, driveways, pool decks, retaining walls, and other hardscape areas.





Pavers, which are typically made from concrete, by nature are very porous materials and suseptible to staining.  Oil, grease, rust, and pool chemicals are easily absorbed into un-protected outdoor hardscape area causing damage.  Paver and stone sealing will prevent the absorbtion of these stains and restrict the growth of algea, mold and mildew making the cleaning and maintenance of your patio or driveway much easier and more effective.

The ICPI- Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute recommends to protect your outdoor hardscape pavement, you should keep your hardscape areas clean, the joints properly filled with a ASTM approved joint fill material, and to keep your outdoor hardscape pavers in pristine condition use an approved concrete paver sealer.

Aesthetically, there is no question a properly sealed brick paver hardscape looks better when it's properly protected. 


Wet-Look sealer.

 This WET LOOK sealer enhanced the natural color of these hardscape pavers on this pool deck.  The beautiful glossy shine brought back that "newly installed" pristine condition.


  • Reduce Stains.
  • Glossy Shine.
  • Complete Protection around your pool.

Satin or Medium Gloss

This satin sealer enhanced the natural colors of these pavers and added a nice medium gloss shine.  The reduced absorbtion of water into these pavers will keep them looking new for many years.


  • Reduce stains and protect from water intrusion.
  • Color Enhancement.
  • Complete Protection.
Natural Look Sealer

Natural Look Sealer

A natural look sealer provides all the investment protection but will not change the color of your pavers.

  • Reduce stains.
  • Eliminate water intrusion.
  • Complete Protection.


Natural Stone Cleaning and sealing

Natural Stone Is also typically very porous material.  Don't allow stains to absorb into your natural flagstone or bluestone patio use a satin or gloss sealer to create a protective barrier.  The grease from your grill or organic stain (leaves, acorns, pine cones, etc.) will easily clean away.


High Gloss Natural Stone Sealer Complete protection for your outdoor stone hardscape patio.

  • Reduced Staining
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Complete Protection from water intrusion.

Satin Gloss Natural Stone Sealer Complete protection from stains that will soak into your natural stone patio with a satin gloss.

  • Will not be slippery
  • Reduced Stains
  • Complete protection and easy maintenance



Welcome to the Paver Restoration information page. We are the premier provider of hardscape repairs and installation in NC. Our goal is to provide the very best products for cleaning and sealing your hardscape patio, driveway,walkway, or pool surround.  Our repairs follow strict guidlines set by ICPI, NCMA and local paver manufacturers. Our quality control standards are the highest in the Triangle and our hardscape/ landscape repairs and installation  are among the best in the business. Our goal is to keep your outdoor living area properly protected and fun. We want you, our valued customer, to enjoy your hardscape/ landscape area for a lifetime. Here is a list of a few of our services:  re-install polymeric sand; clean and seal pavers, brick and natural stone; repair pavers patio, walkways, pool surrounds, and driveways; repair hardscape areas; repair segmental retaining walls; repair interlocking concrete pavements; repair drainage around your hardscape patio; power wash driveways; waterproof driveways; seal concrete patio, pool surrounds, driveways and walkways; apply joint stabilizing sealers on concrete pavers; power wash concrete patio or pool surrounds.